• THE 2nd OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival Ticket Booking Information

    Ticket fee: 50 RMB

    Ticket package:650 RMB (Please note the package only includes the performances in B10, 13 performances in total)

    Because of the limited Space, there are only 300 tickets for the concerts in B10,OCT LOFT, and only 100 tickets for the concerts in Old Heaven Books. First come, first served.

    Doors open at 19:00, first come first served.

    No guarantee for seats.

    How to buy the tickets:

    1/ You can buy the tickets in the Old Heaven Books.

    Address: 120#, A5, North District, OCT-Loft


    2/ text message ticket booking service

    Mobile number: +8613560751103

    Period: Oct. 5-23, 10:00-20:00

    Message content:

    You can book the tickets by texting us.

    We need you to provide the following info in the message:

    1.performance date

    2.venue (B10 or Old Heaven Books)

    3.the number of tickets (due to limited tickets, please give us exact number of tickets you want to buy)

    Please check our official website before booking tickets. We’ll have records of your tickets reservation and you can come to our venue and take your tickets on the performance day.

    3/Online ticket booking service via


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