Brief Introduction of OCT LOFT Creative Industry Park 

Located in the northeast of OCT,OCT Creative Culture Park was once OCT Eastern Industrial Area with many of 1980’s “three come to one” enterprises. The park which occupies an area of about 150,000㎡with its workshop area more than 200,000㎡is divided into Southern District and Northern District. From the second half year of 2004, based on the building feature of the workshops and under the policy guidance of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone on culture and creative industry, OCT came up with a creative idea for reconstructing the industry zone intoLOFT Creative Industry Park. Through introduction of design, photography, animation creation, education, training, artistic and some other related businesses such as concept restaurant, lounge, retail, coffee house etc., the old workshops are to be reconstructed into studios of creative industry. The reconstruction does not only preserves the old workshops’ form and some historical sites, but also produces a more vigorous and energetic industrial economy. It will be devoted to the Creative Culture Base in China with the combination of “originality, design and art”.

The Southern District of OCT Creative Industry Park has introduced about 40 creative design companies and cultural institution such as HongKong famous designer Wen’an Gao & Jinghua Liang’s studio, International Youth Hostel with centuries-old history and culture, Urbanus architecture and design which is famous in design and creative industry, the animation design base of Hongbo Information Company and OCT International Media Entertainment Company.

Northern District of the Creative Park is now under reconstruction and is planned to be finished in the end of this year. Now there are more than 40 creative industry companies in the park, including such field as design, architecture, home furnishing and ceramic. On the basis of continuously introducing culture creation and design companies into the park, it will develop to be a gathering place of gallery, art centre, publishing institutions, movie & TV producing, studio of artists, design house, boutique home furnishing, and fashion clothing.

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