A PARTY about Jazz

Since the date of birth, jazz has been a free-flowing river. Each time it flows through no matter cities or the rural, it would nourish the land, affect the people and also changes its own appearance at the same time.

Jazz is always open and free, it can be the leading role under the spotlight in the theatre and it also can grow in the pubs and streets. Firstly Developed from the brass band of Black community in New Orleans, jazz has crossed the race and nation and become the music form exists anywhere in the world. Treating “creativity” as the supreme principle, Jazz musicians gives respect to the tradition but not limited to the beaten track, they oppose to the rigid performance and advocate free-style performance. Therefore they are always excited for the wonderful phrases created during the impromptu performances and share the surprise and ecstasy with other musicians and the audience. Within a century, the unknown music form called jazz which was originated in the folk with significant American characteristics has become one of the most substantial art forms and the worldwide cultural phenomenon. Besides, jazz festival has also turned into one of the most important cultural indicator in many major cities over the world.

Now the curtain of jazz festival is about to be opened in Shenzhen, the southern city we live in. The festival, to be held in the OCT-LOFT’s B-10 space, will feature about 100 worldwide top jazz artists of 21 excellent bands from 16 countries and areas. We have invited not only the famous Grammy Awards owner but also the instrument virtuoso and young contemporary jazz musician from Europe. In addition, audience can enjoy the wonderful a cappella chorus, central Asia jazz and the avant-garden sounds of the bands from Xinjiang, etc. With such a range of music on offer, the jazz festival strives to reflect the avant-garden temperament of Shenzhen as the forefront of the Chinese cultural and the openness and diversity of jazz.

For many years, we have planned lots of musical events such as out-door music festival and events in music hall, bar, shopping mall, market and so on. Such music events can happen in different places, but we still deeply believe that music can be played in a pure art space with no particularly utilitarian commercial purposes one day. In art space like this, the musicians are no longer the performers or super stars to please the audience. The musicians will be respected at large and unleash their art energy, while the audience can appreciate the top musicians’ performance in the world.

It comes to us as a big surprise that such dreams can be fulfilled in OCT-loft. We do appreciate the organizer of the Jazz festival – OCT-loft, for their obsessive pursuit of art and long term vision of innovation. That’s why we can have the valuable opportunity in an extremely short period to have such an extraordinary experience about art, space and music.

Here we want to express heartfelt thanks to our excellent partners who sponsor us for years, including Artco Music co.,Ltd as lighting suppliers, YAMA-HA as instruments suppliers, 233621 as equipment suppliers, huangyangdesign.com as design support, Xinghui Printing Co, mayor’s office, Sephonel Brand PR; and the media support by Chinese media and English media such as That’s PRD etc. Interwine co.,Ltd and XTRACK and other companies also help us a lot. We are deeply grateful for the support from our team members, including Peter Lee, Wei Zi, Zhang Yong, Zhang Hongyi, Deng Boyu, Carol Mok, Chen Qiaoying, Fang Yuwen, Johnny Lee, Liu Ke, Wu Wei, Li Zhi, Qu Zizhong etc. We believe we’ll have further cooperation in the future.

In the end we thank you all, our dear audience, since you are the real masters of the Jazz festival. As you read these words you may be on your way for work or after school, in the supermarket, in the bank… No matter where you are, we hope this brochure will call you to the party customized for you. It’s amazing that music has no boundaries, even no need of language. Musicians put their words into the musical notes making the temperatures rise during the live show.

We believe you can feel once you are open-minded and listen with heart.

Curator / Teng Fei, Tu Fei


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