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策划人的话 Curators’ Words









The Odyssey Monologue  

Slowly but firmly, we have made our own way and hang on to it for the past 5 years. 

Back then, we were just trying to make some difference in the most original way: seating the audience. It’s more than just creating something out of the thin air; it’s mostly about the spirit and essentials brought by live shows. Comparing to the jazz music scene, those live shows happening in the old factory houses are just tip of the iceberg, but they surely can shine down on some certain fans. 

Unexpectedly, jazz music has always been under revolution and changes rapidly. And as the most vital and eternal pump to it, live shows blend the ceaselessly forward-surging passion together with the immortally enduring free spirit of jazz music. 

Performance v.s. Listening, Worship v.s. Revel, the Transient Time Art v.s. Unduplicated Intellectual Game…

We indulge ourselves and appreciate the spiritual essentials in it as a toddler in the jazz music scene. In the meantime, we are already lucky enough to witness and even make history. The past hunger and confusion will go beyond our realization as the psychological abundance come to life. 

The eager to move forward grows with the clearness of orientation, and it’s going into a more beautiful place.

And last but not least, the only option for now is to keep on going.

策划人 Curators / 滕斐 Teng Fei  涂飞 Tu Fei


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